ERIC In Brief:

  • Ennovate Research Investment & Capital is a proprietary  investment management firm  which falls under the managed futures category of alternative investments
  • Systematic in its approach towards investments backed by a system research
  • Manages funds of partners and proprietary investment funds
  • Headquartered in Pune

Firm History:

The firms founding team include

  1. Mr.Sameer Gunjal
  2. Mr.Yogesh Thakur
  3. Mr.Vinit Desai
  4. Mr.Allen Aravindan,CFA
  5. Mr.Amol Charegaonkar

Mr Sameer Gunjal who has cleared CFA and FRM,also a graduate of NITIE worked with CRISIL and Credit Suisee previously and being inspired by systematic investment strategies founded the firm to manage team funds with a vision to create an AIF Category III.

ERIC Today:

ERIC today is working on the process of creating an Alternative investment fund structure by 2018 and liaising with various investors for the same.ERIC inspires itself from CTA sector in the U.S which are majorly commodity funds which manages individual accounts.

What Is Alternate Investment Fund:?

An alternate investment fund, which are in other developed economies known by hedge funds are investment management funds which use sophisticated trading strategies with a absolute return objective. SEBI in India recently launched or recognized Alternate investment funds in 2012. SEBI classified them into three categories

  1. Alternate Investment Fund Category 1- SME Funds, Venture Capital etc
  2. Alternate Investment Fund Category 2-Private Equity Funds
  3. Alternate Investment Fund Category 3- Complex Trading Strategies with leverage
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