Mr. Shahshank Yadav, Pune (Markets and Markets)


I have got some handsome returns with in a year with low volatility. ERIC is turning to be one of my great alternate investments advisors Moreover, timely reporting is also a great part of their service.

Mr. Sumit Batra, HDFC VP, Pune


Its been more than one year I have availed ERIC Advisory services  and also gained the profit in last year investment , the only reason I have invested is the trust I felt while interacting with the team

Mr. Shreyans Jain, Pune


ERIC advisory services is something different than the usual equity investments. The diversified assets, tend to protect my overall portfolio during times of equity markets turmoil and also the alpha generated by them is commendable

Mr.Vishal Desai, Aangan Architects,Gujrat


I invested with ERIC with the objective of diversifying my portfolio which was concentrated with Real Estate sand Equity MF. Overall the returns have been good but moreover the service level provided by them is excellent. I would definitely recommend investors to avail ERIC services.





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